"We trusted SANICY PARTNER to create our network of dealers in France and internationally.

Through its in-depth audit, SANICY PARTNER enabled LYBERO.NET to choose a precise strategy on the priority countries to be approached, on the budget, on the marketing actions and the exhibitions to target.

With its diagnosis, SANICY PARTNER was able to put in phase the necessary actions, to create a network of resellers, such as: The construction of our partnership program, the drafting of our partnership contracts, the creation of demonstration video, the realization of remote and face-to-face demonstrations, presence at targeted trade fairs to represent us and the approach of decision-makers via its LinkedIn network.

In a few months, SANICY PARTNER made us sign with 3 resellers. Thanks to SANICY PARTNER, CRYPTnDRIVE by LYBERO.NET is sold in Europe and Africa.

Thanks to the professionalism of SANICY PARTNER, which we recommend. "

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Espace Transfert | 615 rue du Jardin Botanique

CS 20101 | 54603 Villers-les-Nancy, France