R&D Funding

R&D Funding

  • Our expert partners support you from start to finish on the following tax systems =>

      • Research Tax Credit (CIR) => Make your technological risk-taking profitable.

      • Young Innovative Company (JEI) => Support SMEs carrying out R&D efforts.

      • Innovation Tax Credit (CII) => Make profitable its developments, prototypes, BETA versions and pilot installations.

      • The IP Box => Tax Advantage Regarding Intellectual Property Assets - Tax rate of 10% instead of 33% on your innovative software, protected by copyright.

  • The approach of our expert partners is:

    1. Involvement of all parties and methodology =>

        • Identification of R&D projects

        • Evaluation (classification of eligible projects)

        • Quantification (financial summary + cost analysis per project)

        • Technical and financial justifications by project (reports)

        • Monitoring and control (planning for the following years + technical assistance in the event of a tax audit)

    1. Writing of technical files =>

      • Synthesis plan:

        • Context

        • Goals

        • Annual analysis of the state of the art (Scope of the study + State of the techniques and available knowledge + Scientific and technical uncertainties)

        • R&D work

        • Conclusion

      • Supporting file:

        • Summary of projects (Technical audits => Collection of information from technical referents)

        • Accounting traceability (administrative and financial documentation)