Export Strategy Audit

Export Strategy Audit

  • Our state-approved partner experts will provide you with a full diagnosis of your internationalization capacities, as well as targeting.

  • Internal and external analysis of your company, to assess your various resources, your strengths and your weaknesses.

  • Building the foundations of a structured export strategy.

  • Full diagnosis => Our experts will analyze the following points:

                • Your products

                • Your human resources

                • Your means of production

                • Your marketing tools

                • Your innovation

                • The legal and logistical part

                • Your targets

                • Your competitors

                • Market watch

                • Your networks

                • Your financial means

                • Your export project

Our experts will provide you with recommendations for appropriate actions. Thus, you will have control over the different aspects of your export development.

  • Targeting => Our experts will analyze the following points:

                • Targeting of priority countries

                • Market insight in 2 countries

                • Action plan for 2 to 3 countries

                • Budgets (business goals, expenses)

                • General action plan

                • Financial plan