Creation => Resellers & Integrators

Creation => Resellers & Integrators

  • Determine the recruitment objectives in line with your aspirations.

  • Define a recruitment action plan.

  • Convince the reseller to be part of your network: added value of your offer to their business model, demonstrate the relevance of your product / service on the market, of its sales benefits.

  • Make a demonstration video.

  • Build a powerful presentation of the partner program:

      • Your potential partner: why him, why his activity, his results, his locations.

      • What you offer him to earn quickly: the nature of your program, the sales remuneration, the tools you will provide him (marketing tools, technical tools, advice, privileged contacts…).

      • A product brief broken down into customer benefits => what you would present of your service to an end customer, what your offer brings, what it saves.

      • A call to action: a phone number, an email address, which will allow the partner to get in touch with me.