Export Strategy Audit

  • Our state-approved partner experts will provide you with a full diagnosis of your internationalization capacities, as well as targeting.

  • Internal and external analysis of your company, to assess your various resources, your strengths and your weaknesses.

  • Building the foundations of a structured export strategy.

  • Full diagnosis => Our experts will analyze the following points:

                • Your products

                • Your human resources

                • Your means of production

                • Your marketing tools

                • Your innovation

                • The legal and logistical part

                • Your targets

                • Your competitors

                • Market watch

                • Your networks

                • Your financial means

                • Your export project

Our experts will provide you with recommendations for appropriate actions. Thus, you will have control over the different aspects of your export development.

  • Targeting => Our experts will analyze the following points:

                • Targeting of priority countries

                • Market insight in 2 countries

                • Action plan for 2 to 3 countries

                • Budgets (business goals, expenses)

                • General action plan

                • Financial plan

Channel Creation =>

Resellers & Integrators

  • Determine the recruitment objectives in line with your aspirations.

  • Define a recruitment action plan.

  • Convince the reseller to be part of your network: added value of your offer to their business model, demonstrate the relevance of your product / service on the market, of its sales benefits.

  • Make a demonstration video.

  • Build a powerful presentation of the partner program:

      • Your potential partner: why him, why his activity, his results, his locations.

      • What you offer him to earn quickly: the nature of your program, the sales remuneration, the tools you will provide him (marketing tools, technical tools, advice, privileged contacts…).

      • A product brief broken down into customer benefits => what you would present of your service to an end customer, what your offer brings, what it saves.

      • A call to action: a phone number, an email address, which will allow the partner to get in touch with me.

Channel Animation =>

Resellers & Integrators

  • Involve resellers on goals and action plans.

  • Motivate resellers by means of relevant discounts / margins.

  • Incentivize resellers with ad hoc commercial challenges.

  • Evaluate the performance of the reseller network by Business Reviews.

  • Train sales teams.

  • Provide sales support tools (argument, demonstration, sales supports).

  • Coordinate the training of technicians and offer them a level II assistance service (if necessary).

  • Support resellers in customer appointments (if necessary).

  • Presence at events.

R&D Funding

  • Our expert partners support you from start to finish on the following tax systems =>

      • Research Tax Credit (CIR) => Make your technological risk-taking profitable.

      • Young Innovative Company (JEI) => Support SMEs carrying out R&D efforts.

      • Innovation Tax Credit (CII) => Make profitable its developments, prototypes, BETA versions and pilot installations.

      • The IP Box => Tax Advantage Regarding Intellectual Property Assets - Tax rate of 10% instead of 33% on your innovative software, protected by copyright.

  • The approach of our expert partners is:

    1. Involvement of all parties and methodology =>

        • Identification of R&D projects

        • Evaluation (classification of eligible projects)

        • Quantification (financial summary + cost analysis per project)

        • Technical and financial justifications by project (reports)

        • Monitoring and control (planning for the following years + technical assistance in the event of a tax audit)

    1. Writing of technical files =>

      • Synthesis plan:

        • Context

        • Goals

        • Annual analysis of the state of the art (Scope of the study + State of the techniques and available knowledge + Scientific and technical uncertainties)

        • R&D work

        • Conclusion

      • Supporting file:

        • Summary of projects (Technical audits => Collection of information from technical referents)

        • Accounting traceability (administrative and financial documentation)

Non-dilutive financing

  • Our partner experts seek for you non-dilutive financing by managing the preparation of the files and the relationship with the targeted funders.

They mainly work on 3 main themes:

=> Innovation - Aid for innovation (Bpifrance, Regions, Others)

=> Investment - Banking support (Classic debt, bonus and guarantee system)

=> International - Export Trade Development Grants (Bpifrance, Regions, Corporate)

Value Proposition: Minimize the time an entrepreneur spends building capital, while maximizing the chances of success through our expertise vis-à-vis funders.